Laura Siegemund: "I'm happy I got a difficult draw"
German tennis player Laura Siegemund, who is returning to the WTA tour after a serious injury and losing 300 ranking positions, commented on her performance at the "MOSCOW RIVER CUP presented by INGRAD".

Laura: It was a long match, I think we both struggled a little bit at the beginning to find our rhythm. It was not easy because the wind was kind of swirling around and she played well. I lost the first set, but then I got in my groove more and more in the middle of the second set and then I was really happy with my level in the third set. It sounds strange, but I'm also happy I got a difficult draw, because it is a good test to see what level my tennis is at the moment.

I like the tournament a lot. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been the best – but no one can do anything about that – so that hasn't been so nice. But the tournament itself, they're doing a great job and the organization is really good. For the first year of the tournament, they're doing an amazing job.

Kozlova is a teammate of mine in the league in Germany, so I know her well. I haven't thought about [the match] much yet, because I'm just trying to enjoy my first-round win here. And now I'm focusing on doubles. But I know what to expect from her and I know her well."